Luminary’s in-person worship services have recently resumed at 9:00 and 11:00 am.  Online and phone-in options are also available. Please check the main column on this website’s home page for current worship information. How and when we worship likely will be in flux until this pandemic ends.

In any worship service, the goal is simple: Glorify God, praising God as Creator, Savior, and the one who sustains us today with his Holy Spirit. As Methodists, we believe we can experience God directly through the Holy Spirit, and that worship makes us more aware of God’s constant presence. Our preaching emphasizes God’s truth as revealed in Scripture.

Our in-person worship services usually are held in our beautiful sanctuary, which sits within view of Watts Bar Lake. The sanctuary is decorated with stained glass reminders of Christ’s precious life.

Regarding dress code: There really is none. Some of our folks like to dress up; others are quite casual, regardless of the service they attend. Enter the presence of God as you see fit.