Through Lent Toward Easter


Judas Betrays Jesus with a Kiss

Through the season of Lent, we are hearing the stories of people heavily involved in the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Come Easter Sunday, we’ll also want to consider what happened to these people post-Resurrection, or at least what could have happened under the right circumstances.

Lent, our season of reflection and penitence, began with our Ash Wednesday service March 6, and continues until we reach Easter April 21. Below is some information about the preaching series, along with some details about the Easter Sunday schedule.

By the way, Music Director Roxanne Cabrera and the choir are planning a very upbeat, musically oriented 11 a.m. Easter service. I’m already looking forward to it!

March 10: “Open to Evil” (Judas)

March 17: “The Cock Will Crow” (Peter)

March 24: “Fast Friends” (Pilate and Herod)

March 31: “Mockers and Abusers” (A host of unnamed people; the crowd)

April 7: “Bearing His Burden” (Simon of Cyrene)

April 14: “Burial Detail” (Joseph of Arimathea and the women at the tomb)

Easter Sunday
April 21

7 a.m. Sunrise Service
(Weather allowing, in the cemetery behind the church)

11 a.m. Worship: “Possibilities”