The Season of Advent …

banner-stars-candle… and on to the season of Christmas!

Advent, that season of expectation, began Sunday, Dec. 2. Our theme this year as we worship is “Light of the World,” and you’ll experience this theme throughout Advent and into the Christmas season, which goes through Sunday, Jan. 6.

Here’s a calendar of what to expect. Remember, we worship on Sunday mornings at 8 o’clock and 11 o’clock.

Sunday, Dec. 2. The first Sunday of Advent, we’ll explore the concept of light in Scripture, focusing on its importance in the creation story found in Genesis 1.

Sunday, Dec. 9. Looking to Ezekiel 1, we will see how God is revealed in colors so astonishing the prophet can barely find words, and we’ll explore what this revelation means for us.

Sunday, Dec. 16. Come to Luminary UMC for morning worship to hear about “The Brightest Luminaria.” As you draw within nine days of Christmas, you’ll likely find yourself busy, and the reminder of what the season is all about should be refreshing.

At 6 o’clock that evening, our choir and musicians will perform their cantata, “The Promise of Light.”

Sunday, Dec. 23. Did you know this light we’ve been discussing can shine within you and make an eternal difference for others?

Christmas Eve, Monday, Dec. 24. Our traditional evening service at 7 o’clock will let us once again hear the true tale of the tiny light that burned so bright. There will be candles, of course. Bring your entire family for the kind of Christian experience that embeds itself in our souls.

Sunday, Dec. 30. As we continue into Christmas and approach the new year, we’ll consider what a struggle it can be to avoid the shadows and live in the light.

Sunday, Jan. 6. Epiphany, the last day of the Christmas season, falls on a Sunday this year, so we’ll take an especially close look at the story of the wise men, using the traditional Matthew 2 text for this day. The wise men were not Jews, but they were continually searching for the light!