Closure Extended

Holston UMC Bishop Virginia Taylor has announced that church closures will continue until further notice.

I know this is difficult and painful for many of us to absorb. As your pastor, I was fairly certain this extended closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was coming, and yet I was surprised at how hard its reality struck me when word arrived.

It is hard to adjust to the idea that times are going to be different for awhile, but we will eventually be able to return to our normal worship and fellowship. In the meantime, your worship planning team is working to improve the online worship experience each week, using the resources we have and looking at tools we may need to acquire.

Pray! That is the most powerful act we share right now, to be together in prayer. I will continue our daily devotionals, and let’s use those as our community prayer guide. An early theme there has been to remember those in particular need of a phone call or other form of communication. Several of you have already stepped up to ensure the special needs of people in our community are met.

I’m praying for you. Please be praying for all of Luminary’s leadership as we continue to be the church in a time of crisis. Do not be shy about contacting me. My e-mail is, and my cell phone number is (423) 491-0506.