Upcoming Events

Open Church Leadership Council Meeting – Tuesday May 17, 2022

The May 17 CLC meeting will be devoted to beginning discussions to learn more about the options available to Luminary United Methodist Church as the membership begins the process of deciding whether to remain as “United Methodists”, or join the new “Global United Methodists” or some other affiliation. All Luminary UMC members will eventually be given the opportunity to vote on this decision. Although previous announcements have said the meeting will be in the library, the latest information is that the meeting will be held in the church sanctuary to accommodate anyone who wishes to attend and will be livestreamed using the Sunday morning worship service zoom link (648-047-9205). If for some reason you are unable to link to the open CLC meeting using the Worship Service link then, check the Church Leadership Council webpage for the normal zoom link to CLC meetings.

Pot Luck Dinner/Honoring our graduates – Wednesday May 18, 2022, 6 p.m.

The May Pot Luck dinner will also be used as an event to recognize and honor the graduating students associated with participants in the Luminary United Methodist Church Community. As always, anyone is the community is welcome to participate in the church pot luck dinners.

Bible Study classes to begin on Tuesday May 24 and Thursday May 26, 2022 at 7 pm in the church library

These classes will be offered by Pastor Wayne Hedrick on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Both classes will discuss the message of hope that can be found in the bible book of Revelations by unraveling the symbolism of the Apocalypse. Each of the six sessions will begin by listening to about 10 minutes of video created by Bruce Metzger and David DeSilva and use the student guide book “Breaking the Code” by Bruce M. Netzger (available for $11.99 each at the Cokesbury bookstore). Please let the church office know of your interest in the classes ASAP.

Ladies of Luminary Luncheon June 2, 2022

The next Luminary Ladies “Share a Meal” luncheon will be at Hunters restaurant in Sweetwater at 11 a.m. on Thursday June 2. We are hoping to keep this going as a regular monthly outing on the first Thursday of each month. Please contact the church office (865-376-7040) or Kathi Matthews (405-317-8575) by May 27 if you plan to attend.

New Grief Support Group begins June 7, 2022

This is a 13 week personal program that utilizes videos and workbooks to help individuals deal with the difficult challenges that loss of a friend or loved one presents. The group will meet in the church library every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Call Church Office (865-376-7040) to express your interest so that a workbook can be ordered for you.

Ladies of Luminary Outing June 11, 2022

Plans are in progress to coordinate a group outing to see the play SOUTHERN FRIED NUPTIALS being produced by the Three Rivers Theater Group. Watch this news site for more details.

Current Announcements as of May 9, 2022

Nurture Ministry Help Needed

The Nurture Ministry is inviting LUMC church attendees to consider offering to help the “Meals of Love” and “Take a Meal” group provide meals to those in need. Call the church office and leave your name and contact information.

Pre-Service Gathering on Zoom

Pastor Wayne continues to be available on Zoom Sunday Mornings , to chat with zoom participants between 10:05 and 10:20 a.m. He is interested in receiving questions, concerns, and prayer requests before the 10:30 service.

Community Garden

Contact John Stevens (865-717-0403) or Ken Carden (423-334-8888 or if you are interested in participating in the community garden. Now is the time to be planting!!!

Recent Events

Hosting of Midway Baccalaurate Service

Luminary United Methodist church was honored to host the Baccalaureate service for students graduating from Midway High School and to serve the students and their families a light meal and opportunity for pictures and fellowship with friends and family after the service. See pictures at this link. The service was also livestreamed on the Luminary United Methodist Church YouTube channel where it can still be located.

Ladies of Luminary Luncheon May 5

The May 5 Luminary Ladies “Share a Meal” luncheon at The Crow’s Nest at Blue Springs Marina attracted 18 ladies from our church and community. We plan to keep this going as a regular monthly outing on the first Thursday of each month. See the Learning and Living webpage for pictures.

Easter Services

The joint Holy Thursday and Good Friday services of Shiloh Baptist Church and Luminary United Methodist Church were very special and well -attended with 50-60 participants in each service. These services are both posted on the Luminary United Methodist Church You-Tube Channel found at

Spring Fling

Over 70 children participated in the Spring Fling on April 16, 2022 accompanied by at least that many adults (parents and other relatives). A grand time was had by all. Pictures will be posted very soon.