Take Them A Meal ministry

The Nuture Ministry is now using the Take Them A Meal application to plan and coordinate some of our meal deliveries. To join this ministry opportunity, please let Kaye Ricker or Nadine Jackson know. To take a meal to John and Karen Drake go to the link highlighted above (or and type in Drake and code 9149. Thanks for all the great response that has been received so far.

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Grief Support Group Began June 7, 2022; ended August 31, 2022

GriefShare is a nationally recognized program that helps to navigate the difficult challenges that the loss of a friend or loved one presents. This is a 13 week program utilizing videos and workbooks to guide the participants. Luminary Church will host this special program beginning June 7 at 1 pm in our library. Please share this information with anyone you know who may have experienced a loss as this opportunity is open to any community member. This is a personal program and participants are not required to share their feelings out loud. Contact the church office 865-376-7040 for more details or to obtain contact information for those who will be leading the program. The program may be repeated in future years.