2020 Leadership

With the permission of the larger United Methodist Church, Luminary UMC has since 2015 used an alternate leadership structure. The church’s administrative matters are handled exclusively by a Church Leadership Council. This group consists of 12 lay members of the church and the pastor, and is supported by other paid church staff. The lay members serve in three different “classes” so that each year, one-third of the group rotates off, allowing others to participate. The lay members also participate in standing work teams that focus on matters related to finance, leadership development, facilities, and labor/employment (what we now call “human resources,” traditionally staff-parish relations).

The CLC has developed the short-term and long-term vision for the church while handling basic administrative matters. The CLC has encouraged the development of additional “work teams” and “ministry teams,” providing opportunities for anyone active at Luminary UMC to participate in the growth of Christ’s kingdom through our church.

Openness is a key part of this leadership structure. CLC meetings are open to anyone, the only exception being when sensitive labor matters need to be discussed. Anyone can ask to be on the agenda of a CLC meeting by contacting the chair or the pastor. Minutes and decisions of the CLC are distributed via this web page and in paper form on a bulletin board outside the church office. We’ll also regularly report on the activities of the CLC in church publications.

2020 Luminary UMC
Church Leadership Council

Serving through Dec. 31, 2020
Ron Woody (CLC Chair)
John Drake (HR Chair)
Linda Monk (Lay Member of Annual Conference)
Pam Hutchinson

Serving through Dec. 31, 2021
Bobby Jackson (Lay Leader)
Rick Matthews (Trustees chair)
Bob VanNorman (Finance Chair)
Gerry Hallcox

Serving through Dec. 31, 2022
Silvia Mende
Jeremy Woody
Jason Dobos
Ben Jones

Standing Work Team assignments (chair listed first):

HR: John Drake, Linda Monk, Bobby Jackson, Gerry Hallcox, Silvia Mende, Pastor

Finance: Bob VanNorman, Bobby Jackson, Ben Jones, Pastor, Bookkeeper

Lay Leadership: Pastor, Bobby Jackson, Pam Hutchinson, Silvia Mende, Jeremy Woody

Trustees: Rick Matthews, Jeremy Woody, Jason Dobos, Gerry Hallcox

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