Adult Sunday School Classes

All adult classes have Bible study with group interaction and discussion 

Wesleyan Class                                  Room 117

Lamplighters Class                            Library

Boyd Woody Sunday School Class                            Room 130 John Drake Leading

Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler

12 Session Bible Study (Feb. 26th – May 14th)

Recovering Redemption is about recovering what is lost and broken. The world is a mess. Things are broken. The glorious reality of the gospel is this: Christ changes everything. He changed history. He changed our eternal destiny. He ultimately will make everything right again in the future. Christ changes every part of our lives. Everything. Every Day.

Recovering Redemption aims to help us grow in spiritual maturity, so that we will live each day in the hope and freedom of Christ.

Adult Evening Bible Study

Throughout most of the year, the Pastor offers Bible Study classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Bible Study entitled “God of Genesis” is being offered in two sessions each week. The sessions began Tuesday January 10 and Thursday, January12, 2023. This bible study will continue for 10 weeks.

Children’s Church

Schedule for Children’s Church January 15 – March 26, 2023

Children’s Church at Luminary United Methodist Church provides an amazing opportunity to learn the stories of the bible through role playing. Silvia Mende uses a Children’s Bible, takes those stories and writes scripts in child friendly words. She teaches the younger children the story while some older children review the story and practice their lines to do the role playing while dressed in costumes representative of the era. Thanks to the generosity of a very talented seamstress, Linda Dameron, and other donations, the church has costumes comparable to many theatres. The schedule for Bible story Sundays beginning on January 15, 2023 are listed below.

Favorite Bible Stories Coming Alive

January 15, 2023                     The flight into Egypt and Jesus among the teachers

January 29, 2023                     The Baptism of Jesus by John

February 12, 2023                   The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness

February 26, 2023                   Jesus in Galilee

March 12, 2023                       The Marriage in Cana

March 26, 2023                       Jesus preaches in the Synagogues/ the Pharisees question Jesus

Alternate Sundays during Children’s Church times will be used to study other bible lessons – lead by Children’s Director Denise St. John.