April 22 Worship


“Abraham Meets the Three Strangers,” circa 1000

Our third sermon in the “Children of God” series is an exploration of the biblical concept of hospitality. It’s not about tea and cookies set out on doilies. From a theological perspective, hospitality is critical to the concept of Christian community. Within that community we call “church,” the idea of hospitality offers solutions to difficult social problems like abortion and homelessness.

“Children, Make Room”
1 John 3:16-24

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New Page Regarding ‘Way Forward’

As promised in our April newsletter, the Luminary web site now has a new page explaining developments in the United Methodist Church’s approach to homosexual marriage and ordinations. The page repeats some of the information in the newsletter article and provides pertinent links to the UMC and advocacy groups. You can go to that page by clicking here or the tab marked “GC 2019” at the top of any Luminary web page.

— Pastor Chuck Griffin