Love in Action – Project Virgil

November 14, 2021 Update

Hello all !!, We had a couple of very productive days on the Project Virgil effort on November 10 and 11th. The Howard Horne Construction Company began the demolition of the existing building on Wednesday morning November 10 and continued to work tirelessly through Thursday afternoon. At that point the site was clear and ready for the next steps. People were driving by and honking and showing their support and appreciation.  Once the new home site is staked out for the septic permit, then we can apply for the building permit. Brother Bill Hughes’s interview on WVLT  has  stirred up a lot of folks wanting to partner with us on the project both locally and from across the U.S. This week, we received donations from local individuals for sheer, insulation, windows and doors, roof trusses, $300.00 of gravel for the driveway, mini-blinds and window treatments. The Sweetwater Baptist Church took up a special offering for Virgil and came to directly present him with a check for $1500. People outside the area who are also moved by the project have been calling team members to ask how they can participate. All offers are greatly appreciated and efforts will be made to keep all interested parties informed of needs as long as they provide their names and phone numbers (Call church office at 865-466-4705). As we stated before, all funds donated to project Virgil will be used either for the home itself or for Virgil’s future needs. All who are contributing in any way are helping to make this happen. We believe this is a Lord thing!!

“Love in Action is a group of folks who sincerely believe love is a verb. Project Virgil is our inaugural endeavor to prove just that. We enjoy many freedoms because of the sacrifices of men like Virgil. Our goal is to tear down that shack and build Virgil a tiny house and give him the dignity he deserves. We need $60,000 to make it happen, and we’re asking for your help. Our goal is to accomplish this before cold weather sets in this year” See the GoFundMe website or call the Luminary United Methodist Church office 865-466-4705 for more details and how to donate.

November 4, 2021 Update from Rick Matthews

We want to thank everyone who has donated to Project Virgil!! We have seen great success with our fundraising efforts and are happy to report that we have sufficient funds to begin this project. We have received additional donations of goods and services for which we are also grateful! Please be assured that every penny that is donated to Project Virgil will be used for construction of his new home and Virgil’s future necessities. Project updates will be available on Go Fund Me as well as our church website which is and our Luminary United Methodist Church Facebook page.

Once again, Thank You, and God bless you!!

October 25, 2021 Update from Rick Matthews

Hello All, great things are happening with our project, much needed funds are rolling in nicely after Brother Bill’s TV campaign. This was all Bill, he arranged the interviews and set off our Go Fund Me efforts. The funds as of now are $15,240 from Go Fund Me and we have approximately $10,000 from direct donation at the church. We are receiving many donations of time and materials each day. Today we received a donation of flooring materials from a carpet and flooring company in the area. We are starting to even get duplicates of donated services that will be needed in the project. We are still waiting for the the elusive land survey, but have been promised again for first thing Wednesday. Nadine and Bobby Jackson are finishing up prep work on Virgil’s temporary home. There will be a e-mail coming out from the church tomorrow asking for help doing the final cleaning in the home this Wednesday and Thursday. The plan is to move Virgil this Friday!! They will need our help and support. Virgil is terribly excited about this move, he says “people will want to come see me now”.

How to donate

The most direct way to support this project is to write a check to Luminary United Methodist Church and put “Project Virgil” in the “for” line. Address is 3401 River Road, Ten Mile, TN 37880. Church members, consider giving to Project Virgil only after giving your normal tithes and offerings to the general budget of the church. We must keep our staff paid and our facilities working in order to continue to meet our mission of “drawing people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ”.