Charts 1 & 2

Below are the basics of Isshinryu karate. These are the first techniques new students are expected to learn. These serve as the building blocks for kata and other kinds of training. Note: Straight punches generally are aimed at the “solar plexus,” a region just below the sternum, high on the stomach. As you practice, imagine an opponent your own size in front of you.

Chart One – Upper Body

  1. Right Foot Forward, Right Hand Straight Punch
  2. Right Foot Forward, Right Hand Uppercut
  3. Left Foot Forward, Left Hand Straight Punch
  4. Left Foot Forward, Left Hand Uppercut
  5. Leg Block/Straight Punch*
  6. Side Block/Straight Punch
  7. Open Side Block -Gouge
  8. Open Arc Sweep – Uppercut
  9. Headblock – Punch
  10. Bridge of Nose – Punch
  11. Leg Block – 5 Punches
  12. Side Block – 5 Punches
  13. Chop (shuto) to midsection/Chop (shuto) to Base of Neck
  14. Hook Punches
  15. T-Stance Elbow Strike

*On techniques 5 through 15, the moves should be practiced starting on both the left and right sides.


Chart Two – Lower Body

  1. Floor Touches
  2. Backbends
  3. Standing Leg Extensions
  4. Leg Stretches
  5. Straight Kick
  6. Cross Kick
  7. Forward on Angle Kick
  8. Side Kick, Heel and Edge of Foot
  9. Side Kick, Ball of Foot
  10. Squat to Side and Kick Forward
  11. Heel Push Kick
  12. Knee Kick
  13. Push-ups on Knuckles
  14. Side Twists
  15. Breathing Exercise