Sunday Activities

New to our Church – Please ask at the Welcome Desk for help finding the Nursery and Children’s Sunday School classrooms.

9 a.m. Sunday School for children of all ages. K-3rd grades is in room 140; 4th & 5th grades is room 139.

8 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Nursery care is available in room 141.

10:40 a.m. Children’s Church for ages 4-12 every Sunday. Begin in Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m.

2023 Schedule for Bible Stories Coming Alive

January 15, 2023                     The flight into Egypt and Jesus among the teachers

January 29, 2023                     The Baptism of Jesus by John

February 12, 2023                   The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness

February 26, 2023                   Jesus in Galilee

March 12, 2023                       The Marriage in Cana

March 26, 2023                       Jesus preaches in the Synagogues/ the Pharisees question Jesus

Additional “Coming Alive” topics will be added through-out the year.

A different series of bible studies will be presented to children on alternate Sundays.

Bring a friend to church incentives

Attention children and youth of Luminary.  It is time to share the Light.

Bring a friend to Sunday School and/or Children’s Worship and both of you will receive a ticket.  These tickets will be drawn at a future date to receive a $50 gift card.

Attend Sunday School and/or Children’s worship and you will also be able to pick a prize.

Lets shine the light of God’s word.

Children’s Wisdom

After watching and performing the Ten Commandments (where Moses climbed the mountain to receive the tablets) we asked some of the children what was their favorite commandment.  Here is one of their responses. 

“My favorite commandment is to not be jealous. Because if you want what other people have, you’ll never be happy with what you have.” Dalena

If you want to share your child’s thought please e-mail Denise St John at

Safe Sanctuary Training For Children’s Workers

Safe Sanctuaries Training (1) This online training was recently facilitate3d at the church on August 22, 2022. However, individuals interested in working with youth can also complete this online training on their own. Contact church office (865-466-4705) for instructions

2022 Spring Fling Activities

Seventy children participated in the Easter Egg Hunt and other activities associated with the April 16 Spring Fling at Luminary United Methodist Church. With parents and other relatives accompanying the children the church was filled with laughter and fun. A link to a short video are below.

Scenes of LUMC members supporting the Spring Fling and families from the community enjoying the event.

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