The original building that became Luminary United Methodist Church was a log structure serving as both a church and schoolhouse from the late 1800’s until 1907. The new church that was built in 1907 was approximately one mile north of our present location. The membership of the church fluctuated significantly over time as local and world events created changes in the community.  The building of Watts Bar dam in 1942 flooded many acres of farmland causing relocation of some families to other areas.  When young men in the area left to fight in World War II, the number of active members were greatly reduced.  Boyde Woody, who was a member of our congregation since birth, often told the story of how his mother and three other women in the community kept the church going during the 1940’s. By the late 1960’s, the church built in 1907 was suffering from age. In 1971, the Luminary Church was torn to the floor and rebuilt.  The small church served the community well but as new people from outside the local area began coming to the Ten Mile area attracted by the beauty of the lake and recreational activities, the Luminary Church membership increased dramatically.  A bigger church was needed.  In February 2002, property was purchased and through God’s grace and commitments from Luminary’s congregation, the present building was completed in 2003.  

Moving the congregation from the old church to the new church was a very special day. Bill Duncan was Pastor at that time. This event was documented by pictures and video.

Disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church was initiated in early 2023, was approved by the District in April 2023 and become effective on May 28, 2023. Among the many requirements to complete this action was the removal of “United Methodist” Symbols from church building, stationary, etc. Removal of the cross and Flames symbol originally displayed on the front of the Church was a difficult job. A new cross was created by John Drake and installed in mid-May 2023 by John and a team of helpers including Wade Rucker, Dennis Myers, Jason Dobos and Rick Matthews.