Psalm 23, Forever Day

Devotional for Saturday, May 2

Our devotionals this week are all from the 23rd Psalm, “A Psalm of David,” considered in small meditative bites.

Verse 6
Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me
    all the days of my life,
and I will live in the house of the Lord

Now and forever. That’s when the promises we’ve heard this week apply. Now and forever.

In the “now,” we may not always feel we’re experiencing in full what is promised. We have to remember that the journey for the sheep can be a long one.

downloadThe world is a broken place. That’s why the shepherd needs his rod and staff. There are spiritual battles to be fought and rescues to be launched, and in an odd twist, the sheep are invited to join the ongoing effort.

We do have God’s goodness and unfailing love trailing us like a couple of sheepdogs, encouraging and guiding us. That’s enough for now.

And as astonishing as the idea is, we know where we are headed! Who ever heard of stinky sheep being allowed in the house? The God we worship thinks it’s a good idea, though. He is determined to make us more than the wandering sinners we are.

The shepherd king gathers us, disciplines us and cleans us up, making us fit to be in the presence of royalty—forever!

Thank you, Lord, thank you. Thank you for the Great Shepherd who makes these promises possible. Thank you for what we do not deserve. Amen.

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