Prayer for the Day, with Extras

Devotional for Saturday, April 18

Here’s another guided prayer, this one based on Psalm 118:14-24. Again, I’ll invite you to pause at the end of each paragraph, lifting up specific names and situations as they come to mind. Please note that several links to song files are embedded. Think of them as little Easter eggs to find.

“The Lord is my strength and my might. He has become my salvation.” Indeed! As your Easter people, we now know how you work. Christ the Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

Our songs of victory are muted in the sanctuary this year, but not in our hearts. O victory in Jesus! Christ the Lord is risen today! Easter people, raise your voices! He lives! We sing these words in our hearts now, and we shall sing them in your congregation again.

I have sinned but shall not die, not forever. Christ went to the cross for me, Christ is risen to prove my resurrection will be true. We shall all sing together in the new Jerusalem, giving glory to the Lamb of God.

You have shown us the way; the gates of Paradise are re-opened, the Spirit rushes to us, and we are transformed. Reveal to me my flaws and sanctify me.

Thank you for Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of salvation. O Lord, you have done a marvelous work, and your people rejoice so you may be glorified.


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