Prayer for the Day

Devotional for Friday, April 17

I thought I would try something a little different today and tomorrow. Below is a guided prayer, based on Psalm 16. I’ll invite you to pause at the end of each paragraph, lifting up specific names and situations as they come to mind.

Protect me and mine, O Lord: My family, my church, my neighbors. We root ourselves in you, O Lord, and we know a life separate from you is futile.

We give thanks for shining examples of faith, ancient and modern, and we pray they continue to sustain us.

We pray for those not living in your light, and we ask they be drawn to you. The power of Christ is in the world, so we know all people can be reached, and we no longer fear to utter their names or speak your truth to them.

I recommit myself to you, O Lord, knowing that my life, rooted in Christ, has no boundaries. Eternity is mine, hope sustains me now, and joy is the backdrop of my future.

Your word is a blessing and your counsel guides me. Speak to me in the night, and may I arise in the morning with renewed vision for what is possible. What you speak to me is what shall be.

In this truth, I find there is joy even now! Even death cannot haunt me, for it simply is a thin veil between us, Heavenly Father.

Continue to guide my way regardless of the challenges I face. I walk toward eternity, eyes up, seeing beauty now and for all time, until the end of time.


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