Jan. 15 Worship, and Beyond


“The Deepest Kind of Riches”
1 Corinthians 1:1-9

This Sunday, we will consider what can split a church, and what holds a church together. And we cannot have that conversation without talking about commitment.

The weather forecast says it should be a whole lot warmer by this weekend. After holiday travel and recent cold weather, this should be a great Sunday to be in church, particularly as we consider what it means to be a church!

Regular attenders (and those considering regular attendance) also will want to be aware of the general theme of worship as we move further into 2017. This Sunday, we hear from the Apostle Paul, and we as a church will be hearing from him a whole lot more.

Pastor Chuck plans to spend most of 2017 preaching from the Book of Romans, written by Paul. In his letter, the apostle established a Holy Spirit-inspired baseline for how we systematically understand God as revealed in Jesus Christ. The beauty of Romans is that Paul will point us repeatedly to other parts of the Bible, and we should begin to see the big-picture story of the Bible in full as we move through the year.

If you don’t have a New Living Translation of the Bible, you might want to consider acquiring one or learning to use one online. It will be Pastor Chuck’s “go to” translation during 2017.