Seeing the Resurrected Christ

JesusArmsOutstretchedHe is risen! It is a truth we celebrated Easter Sunday, and it is a truth we will continue to celebrate through the Easter season, which were are in until Pentecost Sunday May 24.

For the next four Sundays, we’ll immerse ourselves in some of the most encouraging stories of the Bible, the appearances of the resurrected Christ. In our 7 p.m. evening worship services, we’ll use liturgies designed to help us meditate on the truths found in these stories. Here’s what’s in store:

April 12
John 20:19-31
“The Cure for Doubt”

April 19
Luke 24:13-35
“Walking with Jesus”

April 26
John 21
“Relaxing at the Beach”

May 3
Acts 9:1-20
“To Those Untimely Born”