Plan to See Red

dove-on-redWorship Information for May 24, 2015

This Sunday, we celebrate the birth of Christ’s church as we hear the story of the Holy Spirit falling upon the earliest Christians. It seems like a story of the distant past, but it remains a story for today. The Holy Spirit continues to be the primary way we encounter God until Christ returns in full.

By the way, the color for Pentecost Sunday’s church decorations is red, a color we seldom get to use. It’s also a good day for us all to dress in red!

Sermon Title: “The Last Days”
Sermon Text: Acts 2:1-21

Vision Survey

From the Pastor

Luminary Regulars:

Please click below to take a survey regarding Luminary United Methodist Church. I know some of you are couples who share one computer, so I’ve made it possible for the survey to be taken from the same computer more than once. I do ask that individuals take the survey only once, however.


Unless you share personal details in one of the comment boxes, your participation will be anonymous. The collected information will be used by the Church Leadership Council as we develop vision and strategies for the coming years.

How We Will Help the Children

You may have already seen the video from Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor regarding our special annual conference mission effort this year. We at Luminary UMC want to give you some details about how our local church plans to participate.

The conference-wide request is simple. Will every regular churchgoer give $10 toward helping Holston Conference children suffering from poverty? Will each of you also pledge to work 10 hours to help alleviate the effects of poverty? (Of course, you can do more in terms of time and money, if you feel so led!)

For Luminary, the math is simple. Our average worship attendance is now approaching 150, so our goal is to raise $1,500 and gain pledges for 1,500 hours of service time.

You can start pledging time and giving money right away. First, remember your tithe commitments; then, simply mark your additional offering checks or envelopes as being for “Children in Poverty.” To pledge your time, take one of the paper hands from the display in the narthex, write your name on it, and pin it to the board. Luminary’s mission teams will soon give you different opportunities to serve. We also will take up a special offering in worship services May 24, which is Pentecost Sunday. What a great day to help poor children—the day we celebrate the Holy Spirit birthing the church!

Your delegate to annual conference, Karen Drake, will deliver our special offering to annual conference, held at Lake Junaluska, N.C., June 7-11.

Below is a video with more information about this effort: