Preparing for The James Series

Icon of James, brother of Jesus

Icon of James, brother of Jesus

For the next five Sundays (Aug. 30 through Sept. 27), we are going to experience a sermon series drawing from the Book of James. Pastor Chuck has delivered versions of this series in other churches; while the series is always a little different, people who have heard it elsewhere have said they found it enormously useful.

Please note that the last Sunday of the series, Sept. 27, will be a very different Sunday. We will have one service at 11 a.m., and it will follow the order of worship for a United Methodist Service of Healing. The concept of a healing service is rooted in the Book of James. (Yes, that also is the Sunday when we traditionally have homecoming events. Stay tuned for more on that.)

A series like this creates a great opportunity to invite friends to worship. In particular, be thinking about who might benefit from the healing service Sept. 27. And don’t just think physical healing. Many people need spiritual, emotional or relational healing, too.

Aug. 30: James 1:17-27      “Just Do It”
Sept. 6: James 2:1-17         “Surprisingly Equal”
Sept. 13: James 3:1-12       “Stung by the Tongue”
Sept. 20: James 3:13-4:8    “Single-Minded”
Sept. 27: James 5:13-20     “Be Healed”