First Sunday of Advent

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This Sunday, Nov. 29, we begin our Advent season. The pastor will be preaching a series inspired by Dr. J. Ellsworth Kalas’ book, “The Scriptures Sing of Christmas;” the music in our services will be designed to blend with the theme throughout the season as we move toward Christmas.

First up: Mary’s song of praise, known as “The Magnificat.” It is in many ways a strange song to come from the mouth of such a lowly girl. And yet, God has that effect on the lowly, doesn’t he?

Icing the Debt: Results!

Our campaign to reduce or even eliminate our debt concluded Sunday, and the results should please everyone.

We began with a debt of $114,000, and it is now down to $64,256. We took in $46,344 in response to our campaign, with the remainder of the reduction coming from a regularly scheduled $3,400 payment on our mortgage.

We of course will continue to accept gifts toward debt elimination; some members have expressed a desire to give nearer the end of the year, when it is easier for them to calculate the tax advantages.

The amount raised is all the more remarkable when we consider the turnaround in overall giving we have seen at Luminary in 2015. We are covering our ministry expenses—some months we’re a little behind, and other months we’re a little ahead—and for the first time in many years, we are paying in full our conference tithe and our district support.

The falling debt thermometer in the narthex will remain posted so everyone can see the current debt level. Thanks to all of you who made extra sacrifices toward debt reduction!